Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders Treatment In Ludhiana, Punjab

Sleep Disorders Treatment In Ludhiana, Punjab, Do you face difficulty in sleeping? Then you may be facing any of the below-mentioned issues:

  • Insomnia
  • RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome)
  • Narcolepsy
  • Sleep Apnea

Are you wondering, what exactly are these?
These are sleep disorders. Wanna know more about them..??

What Are Sleep Disorders?

These disorders are the conditions that:

  • Does not let you sleep properly
  • Does not let you have a sound sleep
  • Cause you to feel sleepy in the daytime

Are These Common?
In India, every 4 out 5 people are found to be having sleep disorders. So that way, sleep disorders are quite common.


Are There Any Further Subtypes Of These?

On the whole, there are 80 distinctive kinds of sleep disorders. The topmost of them are as follow:

  • Insomnia
  • Sleep Apnea
  • RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome)
  • Narcolepsy

What Is The Ideal Sleeping Duration?

According to various experts and medical doctors, “It is necessary for an adult to have a sound sleep of at least seven to nine hours per night.”
But yes, do not take it as rigid instruction. There may be some people who require fewer hours while others require even more hours for sleeping.


Did you know?
It has been observed that the trend to sleep late at night and waking early in the morning is rising considerably over the recent years.


What If You Do Not Get Enough Sleep?

Well!! It is not only the tiredness that you may experience when you don’t get enough sleep. It causes you to suffer even more than that.

  • If your work requires you to make use of the maximum cognitive abilities, then sufficient hours of sleep is necessary for you otherwise your cognitive functioning may start getting deteriorated.
  • Those who are deprived of sleep for many days are not able to make the right decisions.

A lot is left:

  • If you do not sleep for the required hours, then the following problems will be waiting for you:
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Diseases

Which People Are More Likely To Have These Disorders?

It is usually the females who are found at the edge of the risks of having these disorders.


Which Are The Customarily Observed Causes Of Sleep Disorders?

There are so many factors because of which the person may suffer from sleep disorders. The mention of most common among them is done below:

  • Physical
  • Medical
  • Psychiatric
  • Environmental
  • Working the night shift
  • Genetics
  • Medications
  • Ageing


Which Are The Predominant Symptoms Of Sleep Disorders?

If you run into any of the following symptoms, then it is the sleep disorder that is responsible for your poor performance in your studies or at your job:

  • You fall asleep when you are driving
  • You are struggling to keep your eyes open
  • It is gradually becoming more and more difficult for you to stay concentrated in your studies or at work.
  • If you are finding it difficult to memorize things
  • You can’t control your emotions



PSG stands for Polysomnogram which is a test that helps the doctors to know about the physical activities which you carry out when you fall asleep.
Home Sleep Apnea Testing
If a sleep study is to be performed on the patients, the HSAT is the best option.
Discussion of sleep patterns
When it becomes difficult for our doctors to become sure, whether the patient is having a sleep disorder or not, then they instruct the patients to start keeping a sleep diary in which the regular maintenance of the sleeping habits is to be done.


Be ready to be asked:

When the doctor will be diagnosing you, then you will ask the following questions. Make sure that you are aware of each one of them:

  • How long do you sleep at night?
  • Do you regularly keep on tossing and turning when you are asleep/
  • Do you take naps?
  • For how long would you have to wait for falling asleep?
  • How many times do you wake up at midnight?
  • Are you working a night shift?
  • Do you feel sleepy in the daytime or when you are at work?

How Can These Disorders Be Treated?

Based on the type of the disorder, the patients will be suggested the treatment plan from the following options:
The sleep specialist usually suggests the patients notice the effect of cognitive behaviour therapy on their sleeping habits and the cycles. If it does not come out to be effective, then the other treatment plans may be suggested:
We at Astha Super Speciality hospital recommend our patients with the following medications:

Note: This is a generic mention of the medications concerning sleep disorders. Do not proceed with the intake of the medications on your own without consulting the doctors:

  • Melatonin
  • Zolpidem,
  • Zaleplon
  • eszopiclone
  • Suvorexant
  • doxepin

Restless Legs Syndrome:

  • Gabapentin enacarbil
  • pregabalin


  • Modafinil
  • Armodafinil
  • Pitolisant
  • solriamfetol
  • You have to make sure that you are practising the sleep hygiene
  • You should keep up with the regular exercise schedule
  • Do not keep yourself exposed to the high noise and heavy lighting
  • Most Importantly, keep yourself comfortable during the night.

Tips For Healthy & Peaceful Sleep

  • Sleep in the comfortable environment
  • Do not overthink about anything
  • Do not use the same bed for getting intimate with your partner
  • Stop watching TV or using mobile phones before sleeping
  • Make a habit of writing dairy before you fall asleep
  • Do not repetitively watch the clock
  • Avoid taking naps in the daytime
  • Do not intake any stimulants four hours before going to bed
  • Do not consume alcohol and tobacco


Make sure you are not taking any of these:

  • Caffeinated drinks
  • Antidepressant or other non-prescribed medications
  • Diet pills
  • Tobacco and alcohol

Final Comments!

Do not let your sleeping habits go wrong. If in some way or the other you feel that it is the sleep disorder that is bothering you, then immediately approach the sleep specialist at Astha Superspeciality hospital for diagnosis. Our specialists formulate an effective treatment plan that is sure to work wonders in making you feel better and say bye-bye to disturbing sleep disorders.


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