Symptoms And Preventive Measures For Kidney Stone

Symptoms and Prevention Of Kidney Stone
kidney stone

Symptoms And Preventive Measures For Kidney Stone

  • July 5, 2022


Kidney stone: Take proper measures on time

Childhood is one of the most exciting and pleasant times. Although we often take our health for granted, the habit of binge-eating junk food can make us suffer in the future. While growing up, you might have been told eating the wrong food options leads to impurities and the risk of forming kidney stones in the body. That is where it’s necessary to consult one of the urologist in Ludhiana to understand how to manage everything. The urologist will guide you on the signs, symptoms, and preventive measures.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are crystal-like substances formed within the kidney in different sizes, ranges, and shapes. Seeking assistance from a known kidney specialist in Ludhiana will guide you towards understanding the symptoms and taking preventive measures on time.

  • Pain occurring on the stomach side

One of the essential signs leads to a dull ache that comes and goes. At times, it can be consistent or become unbearable with urine pass.

  • Vomiting and nausea

A kidney stone can lead to nausea and vomiting symptoms. Moreover, the vomiting sensation can occur on the tummy side.

  • Pain in the lower back, groin, or abdomen

It’s possible to frequently experience dull pain in the abdomen and lower back area. At times, the pain can be felt near the groin area.

  • Pain during urination

It’s common to have pain while urinating. Sometimes, urination can come with a burning sensation that needs prompt medical assistance.

  • Change in urine color

Kidney stone presence can effectively change urine color and may be seen as brown, red, or pink.

  • Increased urge to urinate

The presence of kidney stones can make you feel an increased urge to urinate compared to those who don’t have kidney stones.

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You must get medical assistance at the earliest to make sure the symptoms are manageable and on time.

What are the risk factors for kidney stones?

Some of the known risk factors for kidney stone are:

  • Family history
  • Personal history
  • Excessive dehydration
  • Certain diets
  • Obesity
  • Digestive diseases
  • Previous surgery
  • Underlying medical conditions
  • Certain supplements and medications

What are the ways to prevent kidney stones naturally?

There are a few ways that you can follow to prevent the occurrence of kidney stones by helping make your lifestyle a little better. So, some of the beneficial ways are:

  • Drink water

You need to drink enough water as it helps with a kidney stones and many other health conditions. Make sure to keep the aim up to 8 to 12 glasses daily as the small kidney stones can pass through urine.

  • Don’t make sodium intake higher

You should not increase the sodium intake as it’s known to increase the entire calcium level. If you have kidney stones, you need to reduce your sodium intake. In every meal, you need to lower the sodium amount.

  • Don’t have too much animal protein

Like excess sodium, too much animal protein is harmful like seafood, poultry, red meat, and eggs. You need to restrict animal protein if you have kidney stones.

Schedule an initial consultation to discuss further on what all the necessary measures you have to take.