5 top tips to make travel much easier and safe when you have a lung disease

5 top tips to make travel much easier and safe when you have a lung disease
Lungs Disease

5 top tips to make travel much easier and safe when you have a lung disease

  • June 24, 2021


You might be planning your next holiday with your family, loved ones, or colleagues. However, a person with chronic lung disease or pulmonary problem can have several challenges. In case you want to travel, then first and foremost you need to consult your chest specialist in Punjab. Our Pulmonologist In Ludhiana, always suggests the patient’s plan for their holidays to go with ease. To make things much easier, we have mentioned the top tips which you should consider while you travel if you have a lung disease.

Tip 1: Keep a spare oxygen tank

It is better to keep a spare oxygen tank with you, even if you don’t use that regularly. This way it helps your holidays go with ease.

In case, you are traveling by plane then keep in mind the air in the cabin is extremely thin and sometimes it can get tough to breathe in that space. For that, having an oxygen tank or portable oxygen container is the ideal choice. It is better to take an oxygen prescription from the doctor.

Tip 2: Arrive at the airport or station before time

Be it domestic flight or international flight, it is better that you reach there at least 4 to 5 hours early. As you will be carrying a portable oxygen concentrator, in that case you need additional time to go through the security check. Some airlines do not allow people with special needs to check in online, so in that case, you need to physically go to the airport and get it checked on time.

It is better to be ahead of time, instead of getting everything done in a hurry. In case you are running out of time then ask for an expedited security line by simply explaining your condition and showing the doctor’s note.

Tip 3: Book your lower on the lower floor and it should have an elevator

During planning, you need to make sure that you have the room located on the lower floor or it has a lift and elevator. Due to chronic lung disease or temporary conditions, a person can experience fatigue, breath shortness, and other life-threatening problems. To eradicate all these risk factors, you must choose the right kind of accommodation which is easy to access.

Tip 4: Keep the right type of clothing

Consider the place where you are going and keep the clothes accordingly. Specifically, if you are going to a place where the weather is cold, then keep the right type of clothes. During cold weather, the lungs can get affected which can make your pulmonary condition worse. So, it is better to keep those clothes which will keep your body warm. It is better to choose those materials which are natural and don’t even bother to have synthetic stuff. Choose the right type of clothing.

Tip 5: Protect yourself from seasonal infection

No matter what pulmonary condition you have, you should not get any infection. It is better to plan, even for the worst-case scenario. So, make sure to ask your pulmonologist what kind of shot you can take to prevent infection or any medication you need to take along with you.

Apart from that, you should wash your hands frequently, do not touch the face, don’t touch anything or wipe it first, and stay away from crowded areas.