Tips to Prevent Production of Kidney Stones

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Tips to Prevent Production of Kidney Stones

  • December 20, 2022


Kidney stone pain can occasionally be intolerable. It comes in waves till the little stone exits the body through the plumbing in your unit. Kidney stones are typically not a one-time event. If no preventive steps are taken, 50% of those who have previously had kidney stones are in danger of developing new ones.

Although preventing kidney stones is not particularly difficult, it does require some resolve and focus & best kidney specialist in Ludhiana.


What exactly are kidney stones?

Kidney stones result when a specific chemical is concentrated enough in urine to crystallize. Later, that Crystal grows into a larger mass, also referred to as a stone. Then, if the stones become caught somewhere and restrict the flow of urine, causing pain, this travels down the urinary system.

The interaction of calcium and oxalate typically causes stones. Uric acid, a byproduct of protein metabolism, can cause the body to produce stones.


How many kidney stones can be avoided?

These are some of the methods by which you may protect your body from kidney stone formation. Keep in mind that the secret is in your perseverance.


Take in a lot of water.

Drinking a lot of water is the simplest technique to dilute the chemical in the urine. It may readily remove the stones in this manner. It would help if you made an effort to consume enough water to produce at least 2 L of pee daily. Could you add some citrus drinks, such as orange juice and lemonade? That would be excellent. These drinks’ citrate content will aid in preventing the development of stone.


Eat calcium-enriched foods

Oxalate is bound to calcium in your diet, which lowers the amount of oxalate your bloodstream receives and your kidneys eliminate. In addition, it decreases the amount of oxalate in the urine, which decreases the likelihood that it will bind to the calcium in the urine. This automatically lowers the possibility of kidney stones.


It would help if you consumed less salt.

Consuming large amounts of sodium causes your urine to include more calcium, which is the best way to cause kidney stones in your body. This is why stone-prone people should opt for a low-salt diet. We advise you to keep your daily sodium consumption at 2,300 mg by the most recent recommendations. Try lowering your salt intake to at least 1500 MG if you have experienced kidney stones due to high sodium intake. Additionally, your heart and blood pressure will benefit greatly from this.

Eat less animal protein.

If you eat too much animal protein, such as poultry, red meat, eggs, and seafood, your body’s level of uric acid may rise, which may cause kidney stones. The component in the urine that prevents the production of stones, urinary citrate, may be decreased due to consuming a high-protein diet. Limit your daily meat consumption if you are at high risk of developing stones.



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