Treatment Of Utis With – Antibiotics, Cranberry Juice And Some Home Remedies

_Treatment - Urinary Tract Infection
Urinary Tract Infection

Treatment Of Utis With – Antibiotics, Cranberry Juice And Some Home Remedies

  • July 16, 2021


Treatment of UTIs

Whenever a person is diagnosed with infections in the urinary tract, then antibiotics are deemed as the first line treatment option for the problem. According to urologists in Ludhiana, the antibiotics are particularly prescribed by considering your overall health condition and the particular kind of bacteria which is found in your urine.

Suggestive Drugs

Following are the drugs, which are usually recommended for the UTIs:

Trimethoprim Nitrofurantoin Cephalexin Ceftriaxone

Do you know?

Grouping Of Antibiotics Do Not Leave The Course Incomplete Numbness Medicines
The group of antibiotic medicines constituting ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin and others is known as the fluoroquinolones. Whenever you begin with the antibiotic treatment, then the symptoms commence vanishing within the first week. But here you still need to complete the entire course of the medicine as if bacteria are not eliminated from the body then it may again get multiplied. The doctor may suggest you with some of the numbing medications which are usually known as analgesics. These are prescribed so that you may not encounter discomfort, pain or inflammation while you are urinating.

Diagnosed With – Repeated Infection

If you have been getting diagnosed with infections in the urinary tract continuously, then the doctor may suggest the following:

Low Dose Antibiotics Antibiotics To Be Taken After Intercourse Vaginal Estrogen Therapy
In case, you are perpetually experiencing UTIs because of so many reasons, then the specialist would suggest you intake the antibiotics of the smaller dose. If you are getting infected repeatedly when you do the sexual activity, then the doctor may suggest you specialise in antibiotics which are supposed to be taken after each intercourse. The women who have entered their post-menopausal stage, are recommended to take up vaginal estrogen therapy.

Please Take Care!

To avoid being suffered from the various UTis, you have to follow some of the precautionary measures like the ones which are listed below:

Drink Good Amount Of Water Make Use Of The Heating Pads
If you drink plenty of water, then the bacteria may not be able to stick inside your reproductive system and may get out each time you are urinating. Besides, it is essential to keep your reproductive organs hydrated to make them function in the normal way. It is suggested that you should be using heating pads for minimizing the pressure in your bladder.

Did You know?

Cranberry Juice Also Treats The UTIs

Cranberry juice has the properties which prevent the emergence of UTIs in the reproductive system. The injection fighting nature of this juice makes it ideal to be consumed daily if one wants to lead a healthy life without encountering any problems with the urinary tract.

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