Can everyone undergo dialysis for end-stage kidney disease?

Is Dialysis Best For End-Stage Kidney Disease?

Can everyone undergo dialysis for end-stage kidney disease?

  • July 22, 2022


Is dialysis appropriate for everyone with end-stage kidney disease?

Kidney problem is one of the most common and problematic conditions that require immediate care. Under the expertise of a Urologist in Ludhiana, you will have the most effective and precise care. No doubt, it’s essential that you should not delay getting the treatment. More appropriate and advanced care for severe chronic kidney disease. Diagnosis of kidney problems makes it difficult for it to filter blood like usual, and it’s much slower.

Should I wait to get dialysis?

No doubt, there can be confusion or doubt in the patient’s mind about when they should get the dialysis. The nephrologist will tell you whether you need to begin your Kidney failure treatment in Punjab. In some cases, the delay can be a huge problem.

There are increased chances of better survival rate for young or adult patient, and every session is attended. On the other hand, people over age 75 struggling with medical health issues like heart disease or dementia might not be a suitable candidate for dialysis. There might be added time to the dialysis treatment to improve kidney functioning.

With dialysis, the patients can live much longer, accounting for two weeks, two months, two years, or more. The individuals struggling with kidney disease with severe conditions might work. Patients with severe health issues might face problems of cramping or lightheadedness after the treatment.

Following effective management tips

No doubt, it’s the patient decision on whether to undergo dialysis or not. Indeed! It’s the way patients feel about undergoing the treatment. If not dialysis, then the patient can choose the necessary alternatives. In that case, there’s the management of symptoms to stop the kidney failure from progressing. With management tips, the patient’s overall quality of life improves, and the patient won’t have to struggle much. Some of the essential tips that you should follow to improve your kidney functioning are:

  • Do not smoke as it affects kidney health.
  • Do not drink daily as it negatively affects the health of the kidneys.
  • Make sure to get a kidney test regularly. Regular examinations help to analyze the problem better. And if there’s an issue, it will be known on time.
  • Once you have started dialysis, ensure you get it on time and do not miss out on anything.
  • If you already have kidney problems, do not delay seeking medical attention.

Consult the kidney doctor without any delay

If you are in doubt about making the necessary decision, then you need medical assistance. The expertise of the kidney doctor at Aastha Kidney and Super Speciality Hospital will tell you better what is right for you. If you have any problems or doubts, then ask our kidney doctor about the same.