Understanding RIRS Surgery: The Advanced Approach to Stone Removal in Ludhiana

RIRS surgery in Ludhiana
RIRS surgery

Understanding RIRS Surgery: The Advanced Approach to Stone Removal in Ludhiana

  • June 2, 2023


Kidney Stones form due to salt crystals and hard minerals in the kidney. Depending on the location and size of the kidney stone, the doctor will offer treatments ranging from non-surgical to using sound waves or laser surgery to remove the stone. 

However, RIRS treatment is one of the new-age treatments, and it promises to be a steadfast and advanced kidney stone laser surgery. A doctor prescribes RIRS to you if you suffer from kidney stones.

This blog will help you to get a better view of this surgery.

Defining RIRS

RIRS, or Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery, is a method linking the removal of kidney stones. It enters the kidney from the ureter in a reversible manner. It uses a fiber optic endoscope for viewing guides and a holmium laser to halt the stones into smaller parts. This method is one of the latest and most helpful in kidney stone surgery, ensuring the least difficulties. 

RIRS surgery benefits

RIRS is a unique and latest way of treating kidney stones. This surgery offers some fantastic benefits.

  • Fewer cuts
  • Surgery is quick and simple
  • Recovery time is fast
  • Less pain
  • Less bleeding
  • No harm to renal tissues

RIRS Surgery Methods

RIRS Surgery utilizes a laser and fiber optic endoscope to remove kidney stones without making any slits in the kidneys. This surgery is done under the local, general, or spinal anesthetic. Experts of RIRS surgery in Ludhiana are available at Aastha Hospital. They are well-trained in RIRS and offer the best care to the patients. 

Recovery time

The typical recovery period after RIRS surgery is about one day, and the patients can continue their routine work after some rest.


The entire cost of the surgery relies on multiple factors. Still, it is inexpensive for the average population and is available at Aastha Hospital without hidden charges.

Final words

RIRS provides fantastic benefits but with some risks. It is advised to discuss this carefully before taking this surgery.