What are the topmost ways to prevent diabetic kidney disease?

What are the topmost ways to prevent diabetic kidney disease
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What are the topmost ways to prevent diabetic kidney disease?

  • July 1, 2020


Dialysis is called Silent Killer. Not only it leads to sugar imbalance in the body, but it also affects the organs inside the body. Diabetes can damage the eyes and kidneys. Kidneys help regulate the fluid levels in the body. Additionally, they release hormones that control blood pressure.

Different reasons are there which affect kidneys because of diabetes. The changes in the blood sugar change the kidneys which are responsible for taking out the toxins and waste from the body. The kidney disease can develop because genes have an important part to play in that. Some of the other factors are diet, high blood pressure, and a rise in the glucose level.

People who have developed diabetes do not show kidney disease symptoms right away. Patients with kidney malfunction will have a build-up of toxins, lose appetite, fluid retention, and suffer heart failure if the problem is not treated.

No matter, which diabetes type you have, the kidneys will get vulnerable. In some cases, it takes years for the kidneys to set in. Given below are some of the top ways for diabetic patients to reduce the risk of kidney disease.

  • Keep a check on blood sugar level

This is the most essential part to prevent kidney disease. The lesser the changes in blood glucose, the better are chances to prevent the kidney problem. Kidneys are made of tiny blood vessels and if there are any changes in the blood sugar, it can affect your health negatively.

  • Blood pressure needs to be normal

Along with blood sugar, changes in the blood pressure in excess can prove negative for the kidneys. To prevent the chances of getting kidney failure, you must keep the blood pressure stable.

  • Take proper diet

The doctor will tell you what diet you need to follow, to keep the diabetes level in order. To keep the kidney stable, you need to make sure to follow a proper diet.

  • Lower the protein level

People who are suspected to have kidney damage need to have a diet low in protein. This way, less pressure will be put on the kidneys which are already weak. For better information on what to eat, you should talk to the doctor about the best possible option.

  • Keep your weight normal

If you have excess weight, then it can affect your kidneys adversely. Additionally, diabetes and excess weight is extremely bad for your health. You need to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly to keep the body weight stable. The diet recommended by the doctor or nutritionist will help you follow a diet plan which keeps your weight stable.

  • Visit for regular check-ups

To make sure your kidney functioning is proper you need to visit the doctor for a regular kidney test. Additionally, this will help to make the symptoms noticed at the right time before the damage gets in excess.