What are the reasons to choose home hemodialysis for treatment?

Why Should I Choose Home Hemodialysis?
Hemodialysis Treatment

What are the reasons to choose home hemodialysis for treatment?

  • September 20, 2022


Home Hemodialysis Treatment

Dialysis is one of the best ways for kidney patients to care for themselves. The patients are more easily planning everything and seek the most care for themselves. Additionally, the assistance offered by the Kidney specialist In Ludhiana will help you take the right step to take care of your kidneys. If you don’t want to get treated in the hospital setting, you can plan treatment at home. For the patients, the right care and approach brings a huge difference to their overall well-being. Moreover, in many cases, the patients choose at-home dialysis as the first treatment approach.

 Please note!

Before making any decision, you need to consult a medical expert. The consultation is the guideline to tell you whether to begin with home-care dialysis or Nipro Hemodialysis Treatment in Punjab.

Schedule the home hemodialysis as per lifestyle

Home hemodialysis means getting everything scheduled as per your comfort and requirement. When you visit the top-rated Urology Hospital in Ludhiana, you are informed about the necessary changes and every cautious step that you have to take. It’s equally important for kidney patients to prioritize a healthy lifestyle to get the right care.

Additionally, you are informed of the right time and how frequently you need to get the at-home dialysis scheduled. The different formats of at home-dialysis are:


Treatment Time Treatment Frequency
●     Treatment takes 4 hour ●     3 times each week
●     Treatment takes 2 hours ●     Performed 5 to 7 times each week
●     Overnight treatment takes 6 to 8 hours ●     Performed 6 nights each week

For dialysis patients, it’s important to follow all the necessary terms and conditions to obtain a greater sense of what’s required and how to get things done.

Reasons to choose at-home dialysis

Reason 1: Save time and money with at-home treatment

At home, treatment gives more comfort and relaxation. Additionally, it saves you time and money by going to the dialysis center every week.

Reason 2: Keep your energy level in control

With at-home dialysis, you get the option to save energy levels. You are in comfort zone and all the treatment steps are scheduled the way you like because you don’t have to get out and get exhausted. Most importantly, there are fewer problems with cramping and nausea.

Reason 3: Not much problem with the diet

You have the option to have a flexible diet plan. At-home gives you the upper hand to plan every step of treatment your body and overall health demands. When dialysis is planned on a daily basis, it affects the accumulation of sodium, potassium, and fluid.

Reason 4: Helps to promote overall health

With at-home dialysis, you have the option to boost your overall health. Most importantly, the patients seeking at-home dialysis will have less chance of having problems like blood pressure, phosphorus medications, and anemia.