What are the reasons which show that I need to get a Kidney Transplant?

What are the reasons which show that I need to get a Kidney Transplant?
Kidney Problem

What are the reasons which show that I need to get a Kidney Transplant?

  • December 15, 2020


It is seen that the prevalence of Kidney disease has increased with time. The people need to be aware of the different medical issues like kidney failure and this way they know when they need to get a kidney transplant. If you are wondering to know about the treatment then make sure to visit the best dialysis clinic. The doctor is going to make you understand the condition and this fatal condition can be avoided or what steps need to be taken to improve the quality of life. If you are worried about the cost then you should not as the kidney transplant cost in India is less as compared to other nations.

How does the kidney work?

When the blood passes through the kidneys, it is filtered through the process of Nephrons waste products, and unneeded water is removed from the body. Chemicals which the body needs are going to be absorbed and it comes back to the blood. Some of the major jobs performed by the kidney are:

  • Fluid control

  • Controlling blood pressure

  • Development of red blood cells

  • Strengthen the bones

  • Removal of waste products

What if my Kidney fails?

One of the vital functions of the kidney is to remove the waste products from the body. The waste product is removed by filtering the blood. It is an important function performed by the body to keep everything normal. If the kidney is not functioning like normal the waste products are not flushed the way it needs to. Due to kidney failure, the waste products get accumulated in the blood which increases the blood pressure. If the function is not proper then it leads to kidney failure. Our doctor can suggest the best treatment for getting a kidney transplant. According to the diagnosis and your condition, you will be told what will improve your condition.

What are the options in the case of kidney failure?

Kidney failure has two types of treatment available

  • Kidney transplant

Kidney transplant is one of the best life-saving treatments. During this process, the damaged kidney is replaced with a healthy kidney which is received from the donor.

  • Dialysis

During the dialysis procedure, the patient’s blood is filtered with the help of a machine. With this machine, the natural functioning is performed which is not being done the way it should be. The dialysis is going to take away all the harmful toxins from the blood.

Is a kidney transplant the last option?

Many people think that kidney failure is going to end their life and without a kidney transplant nothing can work for them. Well, the kidney transplant is the best treatment plan in case of kidney failure and it should be given in the first place. By doing so, the patient’s quality of life is improved or you can say he lives for a longer time. In a week, you need to visit the clinic 3 times or it can be more depending on your condition.