What exactly happens in the first consultation with a kidney specialist?

What exactly happens in the first consultation with a kidney specialist?
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What exactly happens in the first consultation with a kidney specialist?

  • February 16, 2021


It is a hard time for the individual when one is diagnosed with any sort of disease. Kidney diseases are a problem some not only for the ones who are afflicted with it but the family members as well who are concerned for the individuals. According to a kidney specialist in Ludhiana, the first deliberation with a surgeon is all that matters. In the first deliberation, the doctor and the patient get a chance to understand each other. So let’s get to know what exactly happens in the first deliberation with a surgeon or a doctor.

  • What is to be done before you visit the surgeon for the deliberation?

Support is indispensable for the whole process. So it is recommended not to handle everything on your own. Take the help of a family member who would assist you entirely in the process. It is advised that you note down all the questions which you are willing to ask the doctor. It is because of the reason at the moment, some questions may fade away from our mind.

You should call the receptionist before leaving for the appointment and ask the subsequent questions to them:

  • Will the initial deliberation include the physical examination?
  • Should I Wear normal clothes or are there any suggestions?
  • Will the first deliberation need the urine sample?
  • Where is the parking for the respective office or department?
  • What takes place during deliberating with a doctor?

Your motive should be to reach fifteen minutes early to the office. You are supposed to take the needed documents, medical reports and other material which the hospital staff has told you to bring. Some information may not be asked by the doctor but that will surely be asked by the other staff members as nurses, receptionist, medical assistant and registration clerk.

  • The chunks of the required information may include the following:
  • Which symptoms and signs are you experiencing?
  • Do the symptoms arise perpetually or with infrequent intervals
  • For how long do the signs and symptoms stay
  • List of all the doctors from whom you have taken treatment of the respective disease or ailment
  • All the prescriptions of medicines
  • If you have an insurance card, then you may be asked to carry the same
  • Your medical history is what helps the doctor or surgeon the most. The doctor or surgeon will have a clear view of which treatment method should be taken into account.
  • If you have undergone any sort of surgery, then you should bring the list of surgeries and related documents.

If it is the matter of kidney, the doctor does not want to take any risk so you may be asked to bring the following as well:

  • If you are accustomed to checking the blood pressure at home, then it is suggested to bring the last few readings.
  • If you used to check your weight at regular intervals, then you will be asked to submit a report of the latest weight results.

Final Thoughts

In the first deliberation, try to make yourself as comfortable as possible with the doctor. Because you will only get the best treatment if you can communicate with the doctor freely.