What Happens In The Initial Consultation For The Hair Transplant Procedure?

Initial Consultation Of Hair Transplantation
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What Happens In The Initial Consultation For The Hair Transplant Procedure?

  • November 13, 2021


Almost all of us have experienced some kind of hair loss issue at some point in our lives. But not everyone does feel the need of undergoing a hair transplant in Ludhiana. Some issues can be better at home only. In case the home remedies are not showing any effect, only then you should go with the surgical restoration methods.

Worried About Costs?

Oh, Come On!

The hair transplant cost in Punjab is not the same for all. It is distinctive in each case. Based on the cause of hair loss, the intensity of the problem, the duration since you’ve been suffering from hair loss, the type of the procedure to be chosen and the number of required sittings, the estimate of cost is made.

Is there any eligibility to undergo the hair restoration procedure?

Yes, there are well-defined eligibility criteria that determine whether the particular candidate is suitable for undergoing the surgery or not.

Here are some of its credentials:

  • Age

The age of the patient intending to undergo procedure should not be less than 18 years.

  • Medically Fit

The patient should be medically fit. He must not be suffering from any of the following:

    • Cardiovascular problems
    • Heart diseases
  • Not Pregnant and Breastfeeding
    • We want to apologize to all the mothers-to-be that we can not hold them eligible or undergo this procedure.
    • Also, breastfeeding mothers cannot be benefitted from this surgery.

What transpired in the initial consultation?

The initial consultation is the first meeting of the patient with the cosmetic surgeon.

  • Communication

In this meeting everything regarding the hair loss condition is discussed like:

    • For how long have the patients suffered from this?
    • Which home remedies had he tried for the betterment of this condition?
    • Has he taken any other treatment because of whose side effects the patient is bothered by hair loss?
    • Which medications, whether prescribed or not, is he taking?
    • Is he consuming any supplements regularly or at some interval?
    • Which symptoms had he noticed before the hair loss came into existence?
  • Some Diagnosis Tests

Once everything is known by the doctor, then he proceeds with certain diagnostic tests to reach the root of the hair loss problem.

  • Discussing the treatment

Cosmetic surgeons or hair care specialists do have a variety of treatment options for stimulating the scalp for hair growth.

They will discuss the possible options with you to find out if you are comfortable with it or not

  • If it is a hair transplant!

First of all the doctor will try to achieve the desired results with the medications and the therapies. In case those do not come out to be useful, then the hair transplant is thought to be the last resort for that.

Final Comments!

The above mentioned is just a short overview of how a hair care specialist deals with the patient suffering from hair loss in the initial consultation.

If you have any other queries regarding this, then you can visit our website to have your answers from the FAQ section or you can write an email to us.