What Is A Nephrologist (Kidney Doctor) And The Treatment They Provide

All That You Need To Know About Kidney Doctors
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What Is A Nephrologist (Kidney Doctor) And The Treatment They Provide

  • May 13, 2022


Are you thinking of treating your kidney problem with a professional/ if yes, then it is necessary to learn the basic details of what they provide and their expertise? In this blog, you get to know all about kidney doctors and what kind of diseases they treat. 

What Are Nephrologists?

Nephrologists, also known as Kidney specialist In Ludhiana, are specialists who have studied the kidneys and the complications that are related to them. After medical school and residency, they complete two more years of training in their respective department.

If your primary healthcare doctor evaluates some health conditions in your kidney, they might recommend you visit a Kidney Hospital in Punjab for further check with a nephrologist. The specialist would come with the treatment after assessing the real cause of the problem. This treatment will help the doctor to either slow or stop the situation in the kidney. Getting a referral is the best possible way to ensure that you will be in the right hand and under experienced supervision.

 Some Of The Diseases That A Kidney Doctor Treats

Given below are some of the conditions that the kidney doctor mainly specializes in. If you notice any of the following problems, we will highly recommend you to visit us for proper diagnosis and treatment. 

  • Kidney diseases

That is what kidney doctors mainly treat in the patients. When your kidneys are damaged over the course of time, then it leads to some form of kidney disease. You will not be able to notice severe symptoms in such cases unless and until the condition becomes more advanced. If your doctor is able to diagnose the condition in the early stage, then with the help of medication and some changes in lifestyle, the specialist would be able to avoid any more damage.

  • Kidney failure

Another condition that a kidney specialist looks after is kidney failure. This is nothing but the last stage of kidney disease. There is a good chance that your nephrologist would recommend dialysis (which cleanses the blood of the body with the help of a machine). If they do so, then they are in charge of your care. Apart from that, they might also suggest you undergo a kidney transplant. This procedure is mainly handled by a different team of kidney specialists and a nephrologist whose primary department is a kidney transplant. 

  • Kidney damage from cancer

There are different types of cancer or their heavy treatment that could lead to severe injuries to the kidney. Some examples of such conditions include blocked urine flow, toxin buildup in the kidneys, or maybe even sudden kidney failure. Some of the kidney problems that are linked with the cancers are:

  1. Bladder cancer
  2. Multiple myeloma
  3. Cervical cancer
  4. Colon cancer
  5. Prostate cancer
  • High blood pressure

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, there is a good chance that a neurologist will help you in getting the high blood pressure in control. 

  • Nephrotic syndrome

This is caused when the protein leaks into your urine. This condition can lead to swelling in different areas of your body, and a nephrologist can treat it accordingly.