What is dialysis and when it is needed? What are its different types?


What is dialysis and when it is needed? What are its different types?

  • July 15, 2021


When you consult the best urologist in Ludhiana, you may be suggested the treatment of dialysis. Aastha Kidney And Super specialty Hospital is one the leading Kidney hospital in Punjab, which has helped many patients to have proper kidney working when it is not doing that naturally. Under the guidance of our doctor, the average life expectancy of the patient getting dialysis is around 5 to 10 years. Many of the patients who started the treatment early on have lived for around 20 to 30 years. The success rate of the patients undergoing dialysis at our hospital has been exceptional, only because they followed all the tips given by the doctor.

When is dialysis needed?

For the patients with end-stage kidney failure, our doctor suggests the patients get dialysis. Usually, the doctor suggests this option when:

Kidney function


Lose about 85% to 90%


What is the role of dialysis?

When a person suffers from kidney failure, the doctor suggests the patient get dialysis, and this way the balance in the body is maintained.

Does kidney failure occur permanently?

In some cases, this does not occur every time. Like, in the case of acute renal failure after getting the treatment your problem is addressed. Sometimes, within a short span of getting the treatment, the patient will feel better.

In case you have end-stage kidney failure, then you will need to get dialysis for your entire life.

What are the different types of dialysis?


In this type of dialysis, the artificial kidney is used to take out the waste products from the body. To do that, the doctor needs to get access to the blood vessels and for that minor surgery is done. Sometimes, the aretrey to a vein under the skin is joined to make the blood vessel larger. This type of dialysis lasts for around 4 hours and you need to get it done at least 3 times per week.

Peritoneal dialysis

During this type, the blood is cleaned from inside of the body. The doctor will place a plastic tube known as a catheter into the belly to get access. While doing so, the abdominal area will be filled with a catheter. In this process, the waste products and fluid will be taken out from the blood and then to the dialysate.

Is dialysis going to curb kidney disease?

NO. Dialysis is only going to help your kidneys work in a better manner and it is not to treat the problem. Do you need to get dialysis for your entire life unless you get a kidney transplant?

Do dialysis patients feel normal?

For the time being the patients get the treatment, they feel completely normal. With this, many of the patients are going to feel better and in this period, you must get help from your loved ones.

Do dialysis patients need to change their diet?

YES! For dialysis patients, it is important to change their daily life and they need to limit their fluid intake as much as they can. You should talk to the doctor about the same for better understanding.

Wrap up!

If you would like to have more information, then book your initial consultation at Aastha Kidney And Super-specialty Hospital with an experienced team of nephrologists at the earliest.