When you need to start dialysis and it is a temporary treatment for kidney health?

When you need to start dialysis and it is a temporary treatment for kidney health

When you need to start dialysis and it is a temporary treatment for kidney health?

  • September 12, 2020



Dialysis treatment is for the kidneys when they stop working because of certain conditions or health issues. Kidneys are helpful to filter waste, salt, and water to prevent them from building up in the body. Moreover, it helps to control mineral balance and blood pressure levels in the body. It balances the minerals like sodium, calcium, and potassium in the blood. If you or your loved one have kidney-related issues then make sure to consult the best urologist in Ludhiana.

When do you need to start Dialysis?

Dialysis is recommended when kidneys are not functioning the way it needs to. This means 85 to 90% of the kidney function is lost or where one has an eGFR less than 15 mL/min/1.73m2. Your doctor will check your condition and this makes it easier to start dialysis in Ludhiana.

Kidney failure is often permanent which means it is the start of chronic kidney disease and kidney disease is progressing to the end-stage. In some cases, the condition can be temporary.

When hemodialysis is temporary?

Hemodialysis treatment helps to filter the blood through a dialyzer that is referred to as an artificial kidney. The blood flows through the filter, removal of fluid, and the blood is returned to the body. To reach the blood vessels entrance is needed.

  • For long-term treatment of dialysis, doctors create access with the AV fistula that joins the artery to the vein under the skin and makes the blood vessels bigger.
  • For temporary dialysis, access is given with a catheter that is a small plastic tube, and it is inserted into the vein in the chest, neck, or leg near the groin. The patient is given local anaesthesia.

Most hemodialysis sessions are done 3 times per week and each session lasts for around 4 hours.

What happens after the kidney starts functioning normally?

Once the kidney functioning gets back to normal, the catheter is removed and the patient does not need to get dialysis treatment. It is important to start and stop the dialysis treatment after consulting the doctor because he can tell you better about your condition.

Dialysis treatment takes time and at times it can be stressful to manage everything. It can affect your quality of life or you can say you are not able to perform the daily activities you used to. But once the kidney functioning is normal you can stop the treatment.

Consult the doctor

Your medical health care provider can give you better reasons for when you need to stop the treatment. Moreover, he can guide you about the alternative options to ensure you are making the right decision for yourself.