Which things to consider before deciding to opt up the angiogram test?

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Which things to consider before deciding to opt up the angiogram test?

  • February 13, 2021


Due to the rapid transformation in our daily lives, kidney issues are most customary to be encountered. Kidney specialists in Ludhiana have admired the use of angiogram to cure variegated diseases. According to a Urologist in Ludhiana, the following are the most customary questions asked when the patient is undergoing an angiogram procedure.

  • What is the significance of dye in the imaging test?

When there is a need to check the blood vessels with the help of imaging tests, the doctor will be required to inject or insert a dye.

  • Why is the contrast dye used?

Contrast dye is utilised to carry out the variegated procedures as listed below:

  • CT scan with contrast X-Ray
  • CT scan with coronary X-Ray
  • CT scan with Heart X-Ray

These facilitate the doctors or specialists to see the obstructed portland or division of the blood vessels. The predominant problems which sometimes do not come to light with the help of other scans and tests, the same can be brought about with this. Besides, when the surgeons are treating the blood vessels, this dye is of utmost ability because it gives the doctor a thorough and precise view of what is the status of the blood vessels they are treating.

  • Which precautionary measures are to be followed before taking up the procedure to ensure the protection of the kidneys?

To prevent the dye from causing any complication in the kidneys, it is customarily suggested to follow the instructions given by the doctor or surgeon to terminate the risk of being afflicted with CIN or Contrast-Induced Nephropathy.

  • Before the stratagem is to be carried out, the functionality of the kidneys is measured with the means of glomerular filtration rate.
  • It is always suggested to intake a considerable amount of fluid to avoid being dehydrated before taking up the procedure. Because if the body gets dehydrated the risk of being afflicted with CIN alleviates by itself.
  • Do not forget to deliberate with the doctor to find out whether you should be intaking the several pain-relieving medications or not. These medications could be any of the following:
  • Ibuprofen
  • Naproxen
  • NSAID Agents
  • It is always instructed by the surgeon to stop intaking metformin. It is a special drug used to control diabetic attacks.
  • There are some medications which are known or held accountable for dwindling the flow of blood to the kidneys. The dye also performs the function of dwindling the blood flow. If both the medications and dye are used at the same time, it may cause a significant allay in the blood flow.
  • What are the doctors supposed to do if you are at the alleviated risk?

The following measure may be taken up by the doctor if the patient is at a high risk:

  • The surgeon may take into account the use of other dyers to carry out the stratagem.
  • The patient may not be permitted to intake NSAID or other types of medications until the doctor or specialist is not sure that your health condition is not critical.