Why is it important to consult an experienced and renowned Urologist?

Experienced and renowned Urologist Ludhiana

Why is it important to consult an experienced and renowned Urologist?

  • September 17, 2020



The urologist specializes in treating the conditions related to the urinary system along with male reproductive organs. Consulting the best urologist in Ludhiana will improve your health condition drastically. Also, they can pinpoint the issues and customize the treatment accordingly. From treating the urological infection to treating kidney stones, urologists know which treatment can work for your condition.

What does a Urologist do at the Annual Examination?

Consulting a urologist in the first place might seem intimidating. However, the annual exam is fairly simple and it can improve your condition easily. The urologist will check all the possible symptoms the patient is experiencing. The urologist will perform different procedures to look for abnormalities or potential issues like stones, infections, or growths. The doctor can perform certain examinations or tests to understand what you can expect. Your doctor will determine your condition and depending on that some of the things can be included:

  • A physical exam
  • Imaging studies (ultrasound or x-ray, most typically)
  • A cystoscopy (where the lower urinary tract is examined with a mini camera)
  • Urodynamics
  • A tissue biopsy
  • A urine specimen

Why bladder control is important?

Patients need to get an annual examination if they are using catheter supplies. Also, you should consult the doctor to check for the unwanted symptoms or anything unusual. It is important to check the urinary tract infection which can lead to a serious issue.

  • Individuals with bladder irritation can lead to bladder cancer and there is a problem of Urinary Tract infection or bladder infection through the use of a bladder stone and foley catheter.
  • If someone consumes tobacco in excess then there is a higher rate of bladder cancer. If you smoke, then you should visit the doctor for a routine check-up.
  • It is important for the patients with spinal cord injury or neurogenic bladder you need to get your bladder checked on time. Patients with such diseases are at around 15% higher success rate of getting health issues.

Urinary System Health is important

Some of the general recommendations you need to follow are:

  • Take the necessary medications on time.
  • You need to visit for a regular check-up, especially if you have unwanted symptoms.
  • You need to stay hydrated for better health.
  • You need to follow proper hygiene like washing your hands and disposing of the wipes correctly.
  • You should use a hydrophilic catheter to reduce urethra and bladder irritation to or a catheter with a gripper. The catheter should not be touched directly. To make your urological health better you need to follow the necessary tips.
  • Buy sterile and water-soluble lubrication when cathing. It helps to avoid the issue of catheterization, and you are extremely comfortable